Mexico Public Safety Department Report For 8/13/21


The Mexico Public Safety Department responded to the following calls yesterday (Thursday):


A suspicious person at the corner of West Boulevard and Dogwood Drive.

A fraud on 907 East Liberty.

Indecent behavior reported at the West Plaza Shopping Center and on Amelia Drive.

Harassment at Tyronn Lue Boulevard.


A 2 car accident last (Thursday) night on East Liberty and Martin Luther King. According to the accident report it happened when a vehicle driven by 59 year old Rodger Jennings of Clark failed to obey a stop sign and entered the roadway and made contact with a vehicle driven by 33 year old Fransisco Tomas of Mexico. No injuries were reported.


A 2 car accident yesterday (Thursday) morning on Park at Hendricks. According to the accident report it happened when 66 year old Mary Dubbert of Martinsburg stopped at a stop sign and did see an approaching vehicle driven by Kent Thompson of Martinsburg when a collision happened. No injuries were reported.

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