Mexico Bulldogs High School Wrestling Goes Undefeated In Road Quad At Carrollton

The Mexico Bulldogs High School wrestling team went 4-0 against Carrollton, Marshall, Penney and Chillicothe last (Friday) night in Carrollton.

Mexico 40 Chillicothe 30:
106: Carter Shipers (CHILLICO) over Keegan Koons (MEXICO) (Fall 1:26)
113: Double Forfeit 120: Ricardo Juarez (MEXICO) over Joel Edwards
(CHILLICO) (Fall 0:24) 126: Watson Azdell (MEXICO) over Lane McCoy
(CHILLICO) (MD 11-2) 132: Tyson Carr (MEXICO) over Caden Kanniainen
(CHILLICO) (Fall 0:46) 138: Dylan Mosley (MEXICO) over Bryce Dominique (CHILLICO) (Fall 1:15)
145: Keith Ransom (MEXICO) over Justin Pyle (CHILLICO) (Fall 3:33)
152: Priest Bosley (CHILLICO) over Kodie Castelli (MEXICO) (Fall 0:35)
160: Dawson Sutton (CHILLICO) over Peyton Hoover (MEXICO) (Dec 7-3)
170: Jokiah Sewell (MEXICO) over Lucas Reynolds (CHILLICO) (Fall 1:51)
182: Brody Carins (CHILLICO) over (MEXICO) (For.)
195: Brock Miller  (CHILLICO) over (MEXICO) (For.)
220: Deacon Haag (MEXICO) over Martin Moore (CHILLICO) (Fall 1:21)
285: Bo Smith (CHILLICO) over Emille Scanavino (MEXICO) (Dec 3-1)
Mexico 45 Penney 27:
113: Tennison Nixdorf (PENNEY) over (MEXICO) (For.)
120: Ricardo Juarez (MEXICO) over Hayden Krentz (PENNEY) (Fall 1:38)
126: Watson Azdell (MEXICO) over Tyler Thompson (PENNEY) (Fall 1:29)
132: Reece Tuttle (PENNEY) over Tyson Carr (MEXICO) (Fall 0:51)
138: Talan Ash (PENNEY) over Quaid Grubb (MEXICO) (Fall 1:18)
145: Dylan Mosley (MEXICO) over Silas Prothero (PENNEY) (Fall 0:53)
152: Keith Ransom (MEXICO) over Zander Pulliam (PENNEY) (Fall 0:15)
160: Peyton Hoover (MEXICO) over Perry Huff (PENNEY) (Fall 0:27)
170: Sam Ortiz (MEXICO) over (PENNEY) (For.)
182: Jokiah Sewell (MEXICO) over (PENNEY) (For.)
195: Double Forfeit 220: Fisher Nixdorf (PENNEY) over Deacon Haag (MEXICO) (Fall 0:57)
285: Emille Scanavino (MEXICO) over Dawson Miller (PENNEY) (Dec 2-0)
106: Alex Martin (PENNEY) over Keegan Koons (MEXICO) (Dec 15-10)
Mexico 42 Marshall 40:
120: Ricardo Juarez (MEXICO) over Tytus Bellamy (MARSHALL) (Fall 1:12)
126: Trevor Bellamy (MARSHALL) over Watson Azdell (MEXICO) (Fall 0:38)
132: Rowdy Souder (MARSHALL) over Tyson Carr (MEXICO) (Fall 3:59)
138: Dylan Mosley (MEXICO) over Brody Marquees (MARSHALL) (Inj. [time])
145: Keith Ransom (MEXICO) over Mason Evans (MARSHALL) (Fall 1:11)
152: Issac Jackson (MARSHALL) over Kodie Castelli (MEXICO) (Fall 0:57)
160: Brenden Marquess (MARSHALL) over Peyton Hoover (MEXICO) (MD 12-2)
170: Jokiah Sewell (MEXICO) over Joe Bellamy (MARSHALL) (Fall 1:54)
182: Owen Kiso (MARSHALL) over (MEXICO) (For.)
195: Melvin Morales (MARSHALL) over (MEXICO) (For.)
220: Deacon Haag (MEXICO) over Gabe Pineda (MARSHALL) (Fall 2:25)
285: Emille Scanavino (MEXICO) over Nashad Poindexter (MARSHALL) (Fall 0:49)
106: Keegan Koons (MEXICO) over Dawson Borja (MARSHALL) (Fall 1:22)
113: Dillon Mason (MARSHALL) over (MEXICO) (For.)
Mexico 58 Carrollton 18
132: Watson Azdell (MEXICO) over (CARROLTN) (For.)
138: Ethan Stewart (CARROLTN) over Quaid Grubb (MEXICO) (Fall 0:28)
145: Bruce Grider (CARROLTN) over Kodie Castelli (MEXICO) (Fall 1:07)
152: Keith Ransom (MEXICO) over (CARROLTN) (For.)
160: Peyton Hoover (MEXICO) over (CARROLTN) (For.)
170: Sam Ortiz (MEXICO) over (CARROLTN) (For.)
182: Jokiah Sewell (MEXICO) over (CARROLTN) (For.)
195: Xander England (CARROLTN) over (MEXICO) (For.)
220: Marcos Matuz (MEXICO) over (CARROLTN) (For.)
285: Deacon Haag (MEXICO) over (CARROLTN) (For.)
106: Keegan Koons (MEXICO) over (CARROLTN) (For.)
113: Double Forfeit 120: Casey Minter (MEXICO) over Christian Fisher (CARROLTN) (Fall 2:54)
126: Tyson Carr (MEXICO) over Jorden Rennison (CARROLTN) (MD 14-4)






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