Audrain County Health Department Releases January Food Inspection Report


Establishment Name Inspection Date Inspection Score Critical Violations
Casey’s Laddonia 1/3/2022 97 Dumpster lids open. Hand sink inaccessible. Product exposed to moisture/ contamination.
Express Mart #6 1/5/2022 100
Dollar General-West Plaza 1/5/2022 97 Misbranding- Outdated over the counter medication. No handwashing sign in employee restroom. Facilities must post last inspection for the public to view.
Fast Lane #18 1/11/2022 100
Dollar General S. Clark 1/11/2022 99 Misbranding- Outdate baby formula.
Fast Lane- Laddonia 1/11/2022 99 Fan screen covers in cooler in need of cleaning.
Subway-Vandalia 1/11/2022 97 Prep table out of temperature range.
Fast lane #13 Vandalia 1/13/2022 100
Walgreens 1/18/2022 99 Product on floor in walk in cooler and freezer
Casey’s-Liberty 1/19/2022 96 Spray bottles not labeled.  Microwave in need of cleaning.
Casey’s – Monroe 1/24/2022 99 Facilities must post last inspection for the public to view.
Ori Hibachi 1/24/2022 93 Hot hold out of temperature range- corrected on site.  No date marking on potentially hazardous foods. No covered waste basket in bathroom.
China King 1/25/2022 99 In use utensils improperly stored.
Breaktime#3124-Monroe 1/25/2022 97 Hand sink used for other purposes. Microwave in need of cleaning. Product on floor in walk in cooler.
Fastlane#16 – Monroe St. 1/25/2022 100
Break Time #3134 1/31/2022 98 Inside of microwave in need of cleaning- corrected on site.  Cheese dispenser & coffee condiments areas soiled. Cooler fan screens dirty.
Lakeview Salvage Store 1/31/2022 96 Sanitizer too strong- corrected on site. Misbranding- Outdated over the counted medication & baby formula.