Vandalia Teen Arrested For Sodomy or Attempted Sodomy

A Vandalia teen is behind bars without bond, charged with Sodomy or Attempted Sodomy.

The incident happened in Mexico on August 8th of last year when a woman walked in on 16-year old Dakotah Schneider and an 11-year old boy in her laundry room.


Schneider was behind the 11-year old who was leaned over the washing machine and when the woman entered the room, Schneider began rapidly adjusting his waistband.

After telling them to leave the laundry room, the woman later saw both of the boys in a blanket fort with Schneider again behind the victim.

The 11-year old told interviewers at Rainbow House that Schneider had sodomized him and that it had happened before.

Schneider was arrested Thursday morning and according to online court records is set to appear in court Tuesday morning at 11:00.