Platinum Health Continues To Work On Reopening Hospitals In Mexico And Fulton As Deadline To Have License Reactivated Approaches

Platinum Health is continuing to work on getting hospitals in Mexico and Fulton reopened.

Noble Health voluntarily suspended operations on March 25th.


Platinum Team Management assumed control of the Mexico and Fulton hospitals along with nine clinics from Noble Health on April 21.

The hospital license was voluntarily suspended and had 90 days to reopen with a June 23, 2022 deadline.

Platinum is working with the State to get an extension of 90 days if they are unable to reopen by June 23.

According to Audrain Community Hospital CEO Amy O’Brien they are currently working on getting employees of Noble Health back pay for wages owed and working on a path forward with some crucial vendors.

Some employees currently working for Platinum say they have been paid by Platinum for hours worked and some other furloughed employees say they have recently been brought back to work.

While no official reopening date for the hospitals is announced yet, officials with Platinum Health believe they will be able to come up with a date soon.