Team Members At Mexico’s Pearl Motor Company Extract Snake From Customers Vehicle

Several team members at the Pearl Motor Company in Mexico went above and beyond for one of their customers yesterday (Wednesday).

George Huffman owner of Pearl Motor Company says a lady called him yesterday and said she saw a large snake heading up into her vehicle.


She took a picture and went to get a broom and came back did not see it anymore and asked for some help.

George Huffman and Dustin Vandaleucht went to her house and drove the vehicle back to Pearl’s.

George Huffman, Race Azdell, Trenton Pepper and Dustin Vandaluecht lifted the vehicle up back at the shop and when they did a tech yelled an expletive and the snake was found.

George says it took a long time to get the large black snake out of the vehicle, however when they did it was released in the woods behind Pearls.

George says there was lots of fun and jokes, however they came together as a team and overcame their fears to benefit the customer.