Mexico Public Safety Responds To Four Fires Over Fourth Of July Holiday Weekend

Mexico Public Safety responded to four separate fires over the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

The first fire happened Friday, afternoon just before 3:30 in the 1200 block of South Jefferson.


Responding personnel found a fire outside of a house, near a basement window. The fire was put out with the building receiving minor damage.

The apparent cause was the careless disposal of smoking material.

Public Safety went to the 1300 block of Paris Road on Sunday afternoon shortly after 3:30 in reference to a house fire.

Responding personnel found flame burning the outside of the house near the electric meter, with the fire moving into the attic.

The fire was contained and extinguished in that area with the outside of the house receiving significant fire damage and the inside receiving minor fire, smoke and water damage.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

The third fire happened yesterday (Monday) on the Fourth of July in the area of the railroad tracks between Morris Street and Kentucky just after 2pm.

Responding personnel found a wooded area, close to what appeared to be a campsite, burning.

The fire was put out.

According to Mexico Public Safety it appeared a camp fire had been left unattended and spread.

A fourth fire happened last (Monday) night just before midnight in the 1300 block of West Breckenridge.

Responding personnel found a large dumpster with a significant amount of flame coming from it.

The fire was put out with no personal property damaged.

The fire was apparently caused by fireworks.

There were no injuries from any of the incidents.