Mexico Public Safety Report 8/29/22

Mexico Public Safety reports:

On 8/26:

  • Domestic verbal in 2500 block of Amelia
  • Domestic physical in 1200 block of North Washington
  • Vehicle break-in
  • Trash dumping in 400 block of Christy
  • Careless and imprudent driver in 700 block of West Boulevard
  • Shoplifting in 4800 block of South Clark
  • Threats in 800 block of West Liberty
  • Burglary in 1100 block of Harwood, and 15000 block of West Street

On 8/27:

The arrest of Travis J Degeare, 32, for Mexico warrants.

  • Fight in 100 block of South Jefferson
  • Trash dumping at Robert S Green Park and 200 block of North Grand
  • Ex parte violation in 400 block of West Monroe
  • Stealing in 4800 block of South Clark
  • Unwanted subject in 900 block of South Jefferson and 100 block of North Alabama
  • Peace disturbance in 1500 block of North Clark

On 8/28:

The arrest of Robert D Bennett, 44, for Audrain County warrants.

  • Runaway juvenile in 1000 block of Concordia
  • Shots fired on North Washington, also at North Western at Whitley
  • Domestic verbal in 900 block of Garfield and 800 block of Jefferson
  • Vehicle break-in in 900 block of Fairground Road
  • Suspicious activity in 900 block of Garfield
  • Fight in 1000 block of East Lafayette and 900 block of Emmons
  • Display of a weapon on South Jefferson
  • Burglary in 600 block of South Abat
  • Threats in 600 block of South Olive as well as Fairsite Drive





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