Mexico City Council Disburses Funding To Agencies During Monday Meeting

A light agenda for the Mexico City Council tonight (Monday) took just a few minutes to complete.

They approved an accounting change for the City’s subscription-based technology agreements, provided $565 to the Simmons’ Stable Preservation Fund to allow for advertising for a June event, and entered into an agreement to provide ten thousand dollars in funding to Presser Performing Arts Center as they have done since 2002.

Lois Brace, Director of PPAC addressed the Council and indicated that the facility will begin a capital fundraising campaign in the future to add space to their current facility.

City Manager Bruce Slagle issued a reminder to residents that have hail damage to choose their contractors carefully and check to see that they are licensed in the City of Mexico.

It was also announced that this meeting is the last one Mexico Public Safety Chief Susan Rockett will be attending as she is retiring in June after 14 years of service to the City and will use her vacation time to fill out the remainder of her time.

The City Council meets the second and fourth Mondays of each month on the third floor of City Hall.