Missouri Highway Patrol Releases Results Of Annual School Bus Inspections

The Missouri State Highway Patrol is revealing the results of its annual school bus inspections.

The report was released on Friday, June 3, 2023.

Buses with identified defective components require repair within 10 days.

Buses placed out-of-service require correct components, a re-inspection and return to service by Missouri State Highway Patrol personnel before further usage.

Of the 27 buses from the Mexico School District, 74.1% were approved, with 7.4% of buses being categorized as defective and 18.5% of the buses put in the out of service category.

Fulton Public Schools saw more than 80% of its buses approved.

31 buses were presented with 16.1% listed as defective and 3.2% out of service.

Centralia had 18 buses ok’d.

North Callaway saw 78.9% of its 19 buses approved.



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