Reported Incident Resolved Quickly At Mexico Eugene Field Elementary School

Mexico School District says no one was ever in danger after an incident at Eugene Field Elementary School today (Tuesday), September 19, 2023.

A letter was sent out to Eugene Field families saying that this afternoon it was discovered a student was carrying an airsoft gun in a backpack.

The letter went on to say that all students are safe and there was no harm intended to anyone.

Upon investigation, it was found the airsoft gun was not loaded and no ammunition was present.

The staff and School Resource Officer Carey quickly responded, and students and staff were safe, and learning was not interrupted.

The incident was discovered due to a tip from another student.

The letter said it is a great time to talk with your children about reporting any instance relating to school safety, no matter how small.

As they may overhear conversations or view social media posts that can help the school proactively keep students safe.

If they see something, they should say something-to a parent, staff member, the police, or a trusted adult.





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