Comerzan Motion To Be Heard Today

A judge in a St. Charles Court will consider a motion to limit the number of uniformed law enforcement officers in the courtroom during the trial of Serghei Comerzan.

Charlie James, Comerzan’s attorney, says the troopers are trying to send a message to the judge to influence him. Additionally, he says it is a waste of taxpayer money for them to be present in the courtroom when it is not lawfully necessary.

Comerzan is charged with second degree murder of Missouri State Trooper James Bava on State Road FF in Audrain County in August of 2015. Authorities allege Comerzan was speeding on his motorcycle, and when Bava gave chase he lost control of his vehicle. He died in the crash.

The hearing is scheduled for 2:00. His trial is scheduled for April.





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