Three Arrests Made in Fulton in Connection with Stolen Firearm

Three arrests are made in Fulton last (Wednesday) during an investigation into a stolen firearm.

Fulton Police say they determined 29 year old Stephanie Hope had stolen a handgun and traded it for narcotics, she was arrested for stealing, and possession of a controlled substance.


Police say they then obtained a search warrant, and found 31 year old Ryan L. Wainwright to be in possession of 12 baggies of heroin, and in possession of a stolen handgun, and another gun.

According to the department Wainwright was arrested for distribution of narcotics near a school, unlawful use of a weapon, and stealing a firearm.

He was taken to the Callaway County Jail and released with no bond.

During the investigation the department also reports arresting 29 year old Reginald Wainwright for unlawful use of drug paraphernalia.


Wainwright, Reginald, L. (1)Wainwright, Ryan, Lamar (7)

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