Mexico City Council

Mexico City Council met Monday night with a light agenda.

The council voted to extend their contract with Bartlett and West, an on call engineering firm.  The city currently has an agreement with the company and they have been instrumental in community projects such as the work being completed on Holt Street and making upgrades to parks.

The city will have Austin Peters Group conduct a comprehensive wage and benefit study to ensure Mexico remains competitive with similarly sized communities. Once the study is complete, a representative will meet with Mexico’s governing body. The cost of the study is estimated to be $26,590.  The last time a study was completed was in 2008.

The council unanimously voted to purchase parts needed to repair airation blowers at the wastewater plant. The cost is around $11,147.

Mexico resident, Kris Craddick spoke to the board about possibly building an exercise park that is based on the idea of a weight room. Chad Shoemaker, with Parks and Recreation said the plan was part of a 5 year development plan.






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