Mexico City Council

At last night’s Mexico City Council meeting, the board open a public hearing on a property located at 2977 South Clark Street. Present for the meeting was Will Conrad, a representative for LaHoya LLC and Home Bank. The company has purchased the property with the intention of building an office facility for a new bank that is estimated to be less than 5000 square feet, with construction beginning by the start of next year.

Also on the agenda was a resolution to set the new refuse rates for trash collection, household waste and brush yard fees. The cost increase will be 17 cents per month, making the monthly cost $11.59. Daynes Waste Disposal will continue to do the pickup.

The council voted to enter into a taxable industrial revenue bond in the amount of 10 million dollars with Spartan Light Metals to assist in the company’s upcoming expansion. All fees will be paid for by Spartan, with the contract expiring in 2033.

Residents along Holt Street with power poles in their yards have been asked to allow the city a portion of the property for the building of a sidewalk that is compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act. Along the roadway there will be approximately 9 homeowners effected.

All have donated the land.






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