Superintendent, Police Speak About Gun At Centralia High School

A student that reportedly brought a gun to Centralia High School is being detained this afternoon. [Friday]

In a press conference that took place at Centralia School District, Superintendent Darin Ford, along with Centralia Police Chief Larry Dudgeon and Sergeant Joe Bellamy, said that responsible students in the school district reported their suspicions and expressed their gratitude.

Ford says all staff is given extensive training for what to do in these situations, and as recently as January.

Ford and Dudgeon said they have seen nothing thus far in the investigation that would indicate any intent of harm to the student body.

Bellamy reports the gun was stolen from the family of a girl in Audrain County the student had a romantic relationship with when he was in the home alone.

Ford said students have counseling services available to them through the school and the Boone County Mental Health Coalition

The investigation is ongoing.





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