Mexico City Council

During the work session before last nights Mexico City Council meeting, Public Safety Chief Susan Rockett presented the Public Safety Report for 2017.

Chief Rockett said the department employs 34 officers, 8 firefighters and 2 civilian clerks with an average of 10 years of service.


Officers used force 42 times last year with 26 physical restraints, 1 use of pepper spray, nunchuks were used 4 times and officers upholstered their weapons 11 times.

Public Safety had 27089 citizen contacts which generated 3386 reports.

In 2017, officers investigated 2 sexual assaults, 5 robberies, 8 aggravated assaults, and 17 stolen cars. There were no murders or Parsons in the City.

Investigators made 27 drug cases and 8 for drug paraphernalia, and recovered or seized 37 weapons. The department sent 487 prepared cases to the County prosecutor.

Traffic crashes were down from 2016, from 277 to 261 with 2 fatalities.

Public Safety Officers completed 4270 hours of training.

In the regular session, the council awarded $1500 to the Presser Performing Arts Center to assist in advertising with the spring production of Godspell. It will be the first production in the new black box theater.

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