Sheriff’s From Around the State Receive Mandatory Training This Week At Lake Ozarks

Sheriff’s around the state are receiving training on signs of potential teen killers.

Audrain County Sheriff Matt Oller says Author Phil Chalmers who wrote the book Inside the Mind of a Teen Killer was a featured speaker at the training conference.


sheriff training 2

(Photos provided by Sheriff Matt Oller, pictured is Montgomery County Sheriff Matt Schoo)

Oller says he learned about some of the traits that is shared by all of the teen killers.

sheriff training 3

(Photo provided by Audrain County Sheriff Matt Oller, Pictured is Warren County Sheriff Kevin Harrison)

About 200 sheriffs and deputies attended the training this week at the Lake of the Ozarks.

sheriff training 4

(Photo provided by Audrain County Sheriff Matt Oller)

Oller says it was a great way to network with other sheriff’s around the area.

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