Mexico City Council

The Mexico City Council held a work session with Rita Jackson presenting Community Development Updates.

Jackson said in the last fiscal year the city issued 926 building permits. 12 of those were for new homes and 5 were for commercial use. The commercial buildings were for the school district and the new addition at the jail. $8,399,765 in revenue were generated from these projects.

53 summons were issued last year for code violations that range from unlicensed vehicles to talk grass. So far in 2018 there have been 23 prosecutions for these violations.

The Audrain Humane Society contributes $5000 dollars annually to help animals impounded at the Mexico Animal Shelter. Last year, the shelter housed 786 dogs and cats.

17 houses, 6 garages, 1 shed and airport hangers were part of the demolition program at the cost of $118,349.13.

The Planning and Zoning Committee recently denied an applcation for a storage unit to go up at 913 Holt Street after opposition from neighbors. The City Council will hear an appeal on April 9.

In the regularly scheduled meeting the board approved a contract with Horner and Shiffrin to survey and map the sewer system. This process has been ongoing for several years. The purpose is to locate and inspect manhole, and gather information for sliplining that will begin in the spring.

The board also agreed for Insituform Technologies to perform the sliplining in the areas of Randy, Falcon and Eagle streets at the cost of $365,000.

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