Mexico City Council

It was a full agenda at the Mexico City Council meeting.

Council members were presented with their 1 dollar pay for the year, and Chris Miller will serve another year as mayor of Mexico. Steve Nichols has been chosen as Chairman Pro Tem.


Based on the recommendation of the Planning and Zoning Commission, James and Darlene Spencer have been granted an additional use permit for a Bed and Breakfast at their residence at 317 East Love.

The commission had also previously turned down an additional use permit for Jet Up LLC to build 7 to 10 storage units at 913 East Holt Street. Co-owner, Jordan Vaughn made her plea to the council to overturn that decision.

As part of the process of obtaining a permit the city sends letter to all property owners within 185 feet of the proposed location. This step was met with numerous forms of opposition including letters, phone calls and petitions to the city. Vaughn contended the units would not violate any of the criteria as the area is zoned for commercial use, and already has the Handi Shop, ADM, Sonic, a hotel and 2 churches within a block. She went on to say the units would not adversely effect the neighborhood any more than current dilapidated buildings and homes with repeated drug raids.

Vicky Pasley, an attorney from Chicago and a nearby property owner, vehemently opposed the units saying they are not conducive to the neighborhood and could cause the drug problem to get worse. She encouraged the council to look at the general welfare of the community.

Robert Pasley, who has lived within 185 feet of the lot since 1953 spoke to say that in the over 1000 units in the town, none are in a residential area.

Nancy Goul, who has lived in her home for 29 years said “nobody can speak for the pride of the neighborhood except the people who live there.”

The council voted to support the Planning and Zoning Commission in the denial of the permit.

SSM Audrain St. Mary’s Hospital President Donna Jacob’s spoke to the council about entering into an agreement to provide indigent care to the community through their faculty. The plan would provide for outpatient services and medications at greatly reduced cost.

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