Mexico Public Safety Report for 7/2/18

Mexico Public Safety reports the arrest of 39 year old Daniel B. Browning on Saturday for a DWI.

Mexico Public Safety responded to the following calls over the weekend starting on Friday, June 29th:


A scam at 1800 North Clark Apartment 2.

Trespassing at 809 North Jefferson.

Threats at 927 Garfield.

Public safety went to the following calls on Saturday, June 30th:

A child abuse or neglect call at 12 Rock Springs Drive.

Trespassing at West Plaza Shopping Center.

Stealing or a theft at Lakeview Park.

Leaving with out paying for gas at 503 West Monroe.

Public Safety went to the following calls yesterday (Sunday):

A missing person report at the corner of 1320 Morningside Drive and Kentucky.

Shoplifting at 4820 South Clark.

Harassment at 2707 South Clark Apartment B and at 416 West Anderson.


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