Velvet Ant Sightings Increase In Mid-Missouri

Hot weather and drought conditions are prompting an increased sighting of velvet ants in mid-Missouri.

Audrain County Conservation Agent, Norman Steelman says the brightly colored insects are actually a form of wingless wasp.

Steelman reports Velvet Ants burrow in hornet or ground nesting bee nests, and because the nests cannot be easily located, he recommends wearing shoes when walking outside.

The sting of a velvet ant is reportedly very painful, and can last for up to 30 minutes.

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  1. Sharon Y Briggs

    I live in Troy Illinois and have seen two Velvet ants so far. Tried to catch one of them but by the time I got a container I couldn’t find him anymore I figured he burrowed into the ground. But they are beautiful the brightest Orange.


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