McCaskill and Hawley Square In Final Debate Before Election

Tariffs, pre-existing conditions and the border wall some of the topics touched on in the last debate between Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill and Republican opponent Josh Hawley last (Thursday) night.

It was held in St. Louis, Hawley said he does not support any changes to Medicare and Social Security when asked about the budget deficit and if the programs are increasing the debt.


When asked about the presidents tariff’s and trade with China Senator McCaskill says “There’s not a bean farmer in the state of Missouri that’s going to come out even this year”.

One area both candidates had some agreement on was border security.

McCaskill pointed out she was being endorsed by border patrol agents and not Hawley.

In response Hawley said it’s time to get the border wall built and stop making excuses.

The election will be held on November 6th.

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