Two Arrested For Drug Trafficking In Audrain County

A St. Louis area couple was arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking in Audrain County early yesterday morning. [Sunday]

Law enforcement was contacted in reference to a man, identified as 31 year old Joshua Cooke of Ellington, beating on a door and going through a barn.

While responding, a broken down vehicle was located and it was occupied by 31 year old Sierra Patterson. She reported Cooke had gone to nearby houses for help with the broken down vehicle.

Sierra Patterson.jpg

When Cooke noticed police in the area, he fled into the woods where he was located and detained.

While being transported to the jail, it was found he had attempted to hide meth in the deputy’s vehicle. Investigation revealed another 60 grams in the truck Cooke and Patterson had been driving.

Cooke drug seizure.jpg

They are being held in the Audrain County Jail.



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