Mexico Man Convicted Of Kidnapping, Rape

A Mexico man was convicted by a jury on multiple charges related to a 2017 kidnapping.

Justin Todd was convicted Saturday of two counts of rape,  and one count each of kidnapping and sodomy.


The victim’s mother reported the victim missing, saying the last time she heard from her daughter she sounded like she was in a drugged state.

On the same day, Columbia Police responded to 4916 Brown Station Road after reports of a blindfolded female being taken from the home and thrown in a white van. The female was later found at Midway Budget Inn uninjured, and reported the victim from Mexico was at the home against her will.

Todd, along with his wife, Danielle Todd, were arrested in Warren County. They were found with the victim.

Justin Todd is slated to be sentenced on April 23.

Danielle Todd is charged with kidnapping. Court records say she made an appearance Monday. Attorney’s are setting a date for her 4 day trial.

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