MoDOT Says Highway 15 is “Cooked”

The Missouri Department of Transportation has closed Highway 15, just north of Mexico indefinitely due to damage caused by Sunday’s pipeline explosion.

MoDOT announced today [Tuesday] approximately 600 feet of the road has the oil “cooked” out of it from the heat of the fire and explosion, leaving the surface damaged to an unknown depth and unstable.


MoDOT Maintenance Superintendent Ron Calvin said in a statement “the surface of the road is pitted like a golf ball.” He went on explain some of these holes are 10 inches wide.

The oil that bonds the pavement together has been cooked out of the road.

MoDOT is working to obtain materials and equipment to make temporary repairs to seal the road, but weather conditions make the timing uncertain.

Once the weather is good, the department will work with the pipeline and a contractor to make permanent repairs.

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  1. Linda Jones

    It’s an absolute miracle that no one was hurt or killed. Right beside the highway, homes nearby…….this could have been a lot worse.

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