Passenger Describes Flight Forced To Make Emergency Landing

A passenger on a flight from Columbia Regional Airport that was forced into an emergency landing in Bloomington, Illinois after a very serious engine problem is speaking out about what it was like inside the plane.

Guy Hulen says the flight attendant named Andy informed the passengers to prepare for a crash landing.

Hulen sent KXEO an audio recording from inside the plane. He said Andy yelled for 5 straight minutes to keep her passengers safe.

Hulen said that passengers on board were praying and crying. He said the landing was rough and everyone burst into applause when the plane safely landed.

The Bloomington Airport was closed at the time the plane landed, and re-opened to take care of the passengers.

In a statement, Hulen said “most of us exchanged emails, phone numbers and we will now stay in touch. We built and found new connections from our almost-crash of flight UA5228. Lifetime new friends.”

(Photo courtesy of Guy Hulen)

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