Legislators Attend Forum On Wastewater Challenges In Audrain County

The Audrain County Commission and Lois Hays, the mayor of Benton City, held a forum this afternoon [Monday] to discuss the overwhelming cost of wastewater improvements in every community the county.

Audrain County Commissioner Alan Winders explains.

State Representative Kent Haden, State Senator Jeanie Riddle, along with representatives from the offices of Roy Blunt, Josh Hawley, Vicki Hartzler and Sam Graves were in attendance to hear the concerns of the people.

The legislators heard testimony that Audrain County has a population of 16,669 people, and 7069 connections to wastewater systems.

The Department of Natural Resources is requiring communities to make improvements in the municipalities that range between $10 million and $26 million in total countywide.

For communities that have already begun the work, changing regulations have forced them to spend more money, putting them further in debt.

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