Mexico Board Of Education Holds Work Session

The Mexico Board of Education met this evening [Tuesday] for a work session in which they approved the 2019/2020 budget and discussed the future of sport facilities in the district.

In the budget for the upcoming year, Superintendent Dr. Zach Templeton reports an anticipated $28 million in revenues, with expenses predicted to total $27.1 million,  Those expenditures include district salaries, benefit packages and school programs.

The budget is nearly 1 million dollars more than last year.  Dr. Templeton told the board the district is in a good place financially, and should probably start to consider alternative school programs at the Mexico Middle School and possibly at the elementary level.

The board continued their conversation regarding the soccer field, currently located at the middle school.  In previous meetings, the board had been determining if it would be more cost effective to move the existing field outside of the track, or build a new one at the high school.

In the meeting, Dr. Templeton informed the board in the long run it would likely be cheaper to build at the high school, and that he would like to look into the field being turf instead of grass.  He also said he would like to check on options to make the football field and the baseball field turf as well.  Templeton said to do all three the cost would likely be between $2 and $2.5 million.






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