Mexico Man Charged In Animal Abuse Case

A Mexico man is charged with animal abuse by torture or mutilation while the animal is alive.

According to a probable cause statement, on July 17 the owner of Downtown Pet Stop in Mexico contacted Audrain County Sheriff Matt Oller about surveillance video taken on July 8.

In the video, Sheriff Oller observed James Johns Jr., a dog groomer employed at Downtown Pet Stop, working on a small Yorkshire terrier.

Oller observed Johns allegedly picking the dog up by the neck, suspending it at chest level and violently shaking the dog. He also says Johns grabbed the dog by the ears and hind legs and “stretched” the dog, as well as Johns putting his entire body weight, estimated to be 140 pounds, on the animal as it laid on the grooming table.

In an interview on July 18, Johns admitted his actions were not anything that would be considered acceptable and would be considered abusive.

Johns, along with Taylor Stout, also charged in the abuse of the animal, are scheduled to appear in Audrain County Court August 20.






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