Two Plead Guilty In DeBrodie Death

Two people have entered guilty pleas in federal court in relation to the death of Carl DeBrodie of Fulton.

Fifty four year old Sherry Paulo and 59 year old Anthony Flores pleaded guilty yesterday [Friday] in federal court to one count of willfully failing to provide medical care.

Paulo also pleaded guilty to one count of health care fraud from her attempt to hide DeBrodie’s death.

Paulo and Flores worked as caregivers at Second Chance Homes, an organization that provides care for developmentally disabled persons through a Missouri Department of Mental Health Initiative.

According to a release, Paulo occasionally took DeBrodie from the home and put him in the basement of her own home where DeBrodie died. Paulo and Flores did not seek medical care for him.

Paulo admitted she put DeBrodie’s body in a trash can and transported it to a place the couple could put it in a wooden crate and fill it with cement, later taking it to Paulo’s storage unit.

Paulo faces a maximum of 210 months in prison, while Flores faces 188 months.

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