Audrain County Leaders Hold First Meeting On Response Plan To Coronavirus

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Leadership in Audrain County will be meeting once a week to monitor and update their response plan to the coronavirus.

Local medical, emergency, school and law enforcement held their first meeting today (Thursday) at the Audrain County Health Department.

Administrator and Chief Executive Officer of the Audrain County Health Department Dr. Sandra Hewlett says they all discussed individual and collaborative efforts on how to respond to the virus.

The Missouri Military Academy sent out a letter to parents, faculty, and staff last week.

Hewlett says the academy is doing a good job and taking a proactive response to the virus.

Dr. Simon McKeown who runs the Urgent Care facility in Mexico says right now the important thing to remember is there are no reported cases of the coronavirus in Missouri.

Audrain County leaders will meet once a week at the SSM Audrain Hospital for the latest updates on the coronavirus.

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