Recycling Bags at Handi-Shop & Help Center

Plastic bags from grocery stores and other retailers can no longer be recycled at the Handi-Shop in Mexico…at least not in with other plastic recycling items.

According to Martin Keller with the Handi-Shop, those plastic bags can’t be baled with other #1 and #2 plastics such as soda bottles and milk jugs and can end up costing the Handi-Shop if they are sent to the recycling buyers.

They still welcome plastic bags though, they just need to be placed in the donation building and will be used in the Seconds To Go thrift store.

Phillip Iman, Executive Director of the Laura Miller George Help Center in Mexico, also welcomes donations of plastic or paper bags.

Iman says bags are used to send items home through the food distribution as well as thrift store purchases and are a major cost to the center.

Donations to the Help Center can be left with staff in the thrift store portion of the building.

Other items that can be recycled at the Handi-Shop include cardboard, newsprint, paper, metal, and aluminum.

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