Noble Health Employees Receive Response From Missouri Division Of Labor Standards On Claims Of Unpaid Wages

Noble Health employees are receiving more bad news this morning, after filing claims with the Missouri Division of Labor Standards for unpaid wages.

Both the Mexico and Fulton hospitals owned by Noble Health announced on March 24th they were ceasing all hospital operations in order to restructure their finances.


Noble Health confirmed to KXEO that it delayed two rounds of paychecks for hourly employees.

In emails sent out to several employees of Noble Health who wish to remain anonymous this (Monday) morning, the Missouri Division of Labor Standards said regrettably the Division is not able to resolve these wage complaints as the Missouri Minimum Wage Law does not give the Division the authority to sue for back wages and their office cannot file a claim for wages owed to workers.

The email went on to say that workers can file a private right of action with a private attorney.

Nancy Hays communication specialist with Noble Health said last week that a funding source has been found to make outstanding payroll, however a time frame for making that is unknown at this time.

Noble Health furloughed 175 full time employees at the Mexico and Fulton hospitals last week.

That news came after Noble reportedly has received a signed letter of intent with someone interested in buying the hospitals, however it is non-binding.

(Below is one of the emails sent out to an employees of Noble Health this morning)