Webber Family And Commerce Bank Hand Out Checks To 2023 Laurann Webber Excellence In Teaching Award Winners

For a fourth straight year the Webber family and Commerce Bank presented five teachers in the Mexico School District with cash awards.

Larry, Justin and Brendan Webber along with Commerce Bank president Gina Raines gave a check in the amount of $1,500 to five separate teachers.

The Laurann Webber Excellence In Teaching Awards were started in 2020 by the Webber Family to honor Larry’s late wife and the mother of Justin and Brendan.

The 2023 award winners are Ann Runge, a science teacher at the Mexico Middle School.

Haley Schafer, 1st grade teacher at Eugene Field Elementary.

Janet Tate, a preschool teacher at the McMillan Early Learning Center.

Jessica Brown, 1st grade teacher at Hawthorne Elementary.

And Michelle Yount, who teaches  Dual College Biology, Anatomy, and Medical Terminology, as well as Biology, at the Mexico High School.

The Webber Family contributed $1,000 to each teacher while the Commerce Bank gave $500.00 to each teacher respectively.




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