State Rests In Comerzan Trial

The prosecution rested their case in the retrial of Serghei Comerzan this afternoon. [Wednesday]

Comerzan is charged with involuntary manslaughter and resisting arrest by fleeing after Missouri State Highway Patrolman James Bava was killed in a crash in Audrain County in August of 2015. Prosecutors allege Comerzan knew or reasonably should have known Trooper Bava was behind him. Comerzan was traveling over 100 miles per hour when he met Bava on the road.


Before jurors were brought into the courtroom today, the state and defense argued over whether to allow a new witness to testify against Comerzan.

In the end, Judge Ted House allowed the testimony. Adam Utterback testified he and Comerzan used to ride motorcycles together.

Utterback was asked about a conversation he and Comerzan had years before the crash. Utterback said he couldn’t remember the conversation about what they would do if an officer was trying to stop them, and only knew about it from a video of an interview with an investigator after Bava’s crash. Utterback told the jury Comerzan never said if he would stop, he never said that he wouldn’t.

Sergeant Paul Myers also took the stand. He is a certified crash investigator and used data from Bava’s patrol car to reconstruct the crash.

He alleged Bava and Comerzan would have been visible to each other for 5 to 8 seconds at speeds of 105 miles per hour.

The defense is expected to call a few witnesses before closing arguments.

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