Second Chance Homes Responds to DeBrodie Lawsuit

Second Chance Homes and the facility’s owner, Rachel Rowden, have issued a statement regarding the wrongful death lawsuit for Carl Debrodie, who died while listed as a resident of the home.

DeBrodie was the subject of a manhunt that spanned several days after Second Chance Homes reported to police he had walked away from the residence the day the company was being taken over by Finck and Associates.


Investigation led police to a storage unit in Fulton where they located DeBrodie’s body encased in concrete.

Rowden’s attorney said in a statement about the wrongful death lawsuit “Any injuries to Carl DeBrodie or Plaintiffs were the result of a superseding, intervening cause, cutting off any liability of [Rowden and Second Chance Homes of Fulton]”

Rowden, and Second Chance Homes are 2 of 23 defendants in the civil suit.

To date, no arrests and no criminal charges have been pressed in relation to Debrodie’s death.

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