Mexico Public Safety Weekend Report for 9/21 through 9/23-2018

handcuffs 2

Mexico Public Safety reports the arrest of the following people on Saturday, September 22nd:

42 year old David M. Kribble for unlawful use of a weapon, Fourth Degree Domestic Assault, and Fourth Degree Assault.


59 year old Ronnie R. Early for Second Degree Domestic Assault, and Unlawful Use of a Weapon.

41 year old Misty D. Wallen on a Boone County Warrant.

Mexico Public Safety responded to the following calls over the weekend starting on Friday, September 21st.

A stealing or theft at the corner of High and Clark Street.

A scam at 2437 Park Crest.

Threats at 420 West Jackson.

Vandalism at 303 West Orange.

Displaying a weapon at 902 Kent Road.

Public Safety went to the following calls on Saturday, September 22nd:

A stealing or theft at 221 East Whitley.

Trespassing at 645 West Monroe.

Leaving without paying for gas at 3066 South Clark.

Mexico Public Safety went to the following calls yesterday (Sunday):

A stealing or theft at the Elmwood Cemetery.

Shop lifting at 4820 South Clark.

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