School Board Discusses Elementary Reconfiguration

At the Mexico Board of Education meeting, the discussion continued about making changes to the way the elementary schools in the district are aligned.

Surveys were sent out to staff asking three primary questions.  Ninety percent of the responses said they support the proposal of reconfiguration if it creates equitable class sizes across the district, while ninety two percent support it if the changes allow for the expansion of early childhood education.


Elementary school parents are being given the opportunity to answer a similar survey during the ongoing parent teacher conferences.

Board members Kelli Teel and Nate Birt want to see the comments that are being given by both staff and parents in order to have the information to assist in making the best decision for the district.

It was decided that more information is needed to make a decision, and have scheduled a second work session for November 13, and tentatively set a town hall meeting for November 15 at 7:00 to answer questions the community may have about the changes.

Progress has been made on getting doors on the classroom at the middle school.

Superintendent Dr. Zach Templeton says Jason Benjamin has been to the school to look at the space, and determine the  potential impact on the HVAC system.

Templeton says the project will move forward, and some of the doors will likely be installed over Christmas break to minimize disruption of the students.

The funds for the project will come out of remaining funds from the previous bond funding.




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