SSM Closing Women’s And Children Services in Mexico

SSM Health is confirming that they will be closing the Women’s and Children’s Services department at the Mexico Hospital as well as the Women’s Health Clinic and Pediatrics Clinic in Mexico.

In an email sent out by the SSM today (Monday) its says the department and clinics will be closing effective February 28th due to increasing challenges of provider staffing and consistently low patient volumes.

The email goes on to say they are losing two key providers next month an OB/GYN and a pediatrician.

The email also says there has been  a consistent decline in the number of babies born at the hospital each year and St. Mary’s Hospital-Audrain anticipates less than 200 total births this year which is not enough to sustain a best practice full-service program.

SSM says they will be working with their patients by helping them transition to another local provider of their choice.

SSM signed a letter of Intent to transfer ownership of St.Mary’s Hospital and St. Mary’s Hospital in Audrain and Jefferson City to MU Health in August.

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