NCAA Upholds MU Sanctions

The NCAA Infractions Appeals Committee has decided to uphold sanctions against the University of Missouri’s athletics program in relation to an athlete tutoring scandal.

In a statement from the NCAA, the committee said that MU’s argument that the sanctions were far more than those in cases similar was nullified by a lack of compliance system in place at the time of the violations.

In a joint statement, MU Chancellor Alexander Cartwright and Athletic Director Jim Sterk said “today, about 180 student-athletes who had nothing to do with the actions of one rogue part-time employee will pay a steep price.”

Today’s decision will keep the Mizzou football, baseball and softball teams from postseason play, along with reducing scholarships and recruiting restrictions.

United States Senator Roy Blunt said in a statement “the NCAA is punishing current players for actions that occurred years ago and they had nothing to do with.”






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