Presentation At Ty-Land Calls Attention To Human Trafficking

A presentation last (Tuesday) night at Ty-Land in Mexico called attention to the problem of human trafficking.

Nanette Ward, co-chair of the Stop Human Trafficking Coalition of Central Missouri discussed the dangers of social media and human trafficking, warning that youth are even more vulnerable now that they are online more with virtual classes.

Human trafficking affects both sexes of all ages and crosses all demographics, races, and ethnicities.

Parents and guardians should be watching for changes in children’s behavior, including spending more time on social media, isolating themselves more, using language differently or language they wouldn’t normally use, and dressing differently.

Any of those could indicate kids are being groomed by predators.

As a reminder of online safety, Ward says to not share personal information online, don’t meet someone in person that you’ve only met online and don’t accept friend requests on social media from people you don’t know.





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