Audrain County Outdoor Warning Sirens May Be Sounded More Frequently

Audrain County Joint Communications is joining other area agencies on modifying their policy on sounding outdoor warning sirens.

The policy update is due to a change from the National Weather Service on how severe thunderstorms are classified within their warning system.

NWS now warns of severe thunderstorms with either damaging winds, large hail, or both.

Audrain County Joint Communications will now sound outdoor warning sirens in affected areas when one of the enhanced thunderstorm warnings is issued.

According to Audrain 9-1-1 Director Amanda Crewse, most warning sirens in the county have the capability to play a recorded announcement describing the threat to be expected.

The outdoor warning sirens are designed for just that…to warn people outside.

They are not, according to Crewse, designed to alert those that are indoors.

Those indoors should tune into either your local media outlet for a weather radio for specific information.