Mexico High School Boys And Girls Wrestling Compete In Season Openers

The Mexico High School boys wrestling team opened up their season at the Pleasant Hill tournament yesterday (Saturday):

Head Coach Gayle Adams says with only 8 varsity guys in the lineup and putting 5 in the finals the guys did great.. When we get everyone in the lineup we are going to be pretty tough.. For the first time making weight and the tournament the guys responded to the test. I was very pleased

106 Keegan Koons 4-2 5th
120 Ricardo Juarez 7-0
126 Watson Azdell 3-3 10th
132 Grant VanHorn 7-0
132 Ahrajah Given 4-3 7th
138 Dylan Mosley 5-2
145 Keith Ransom 5-1
152 Cameron Beasley 4-2 9th
HWT Emile Scanavino 5-1
The Mexico High School girls wrestling team opened their season at the Marshfield Duals.
3-2 as a team today at the Marshfield Duals.
Mexico Girls Wrestling Marshfield Duals Results.
5th as a team
Mexico Girls vs Marshfield Girls 18-60
Mexico Girls vs Waynesville Girls 24-54
Mexico Girls vs Jeff City Girls 36-18
Mexico Girls vs Har Ber Girls 54-12
Mexico Girls vs Mt. Home Girls 39-36
Waynesville (WAYN) 54.0 Mexico (MEXI) 24.0
100: Double Forfeit 105: Xochitl Medrano (WAYN) over Kaylin Weldon (MEXI) (Fall 0:31) 110: Madison Boher (WAYN) over Alizabeth Welch (MEXI) (Fall 1:02) 115: Katherine Bowen (MEXI) over Josie Moody (WAYN) (Fall 1:19) 120: Kaylynn Pehle (MEXI) over Kamden Raines (WAYN) (Fall 3:11) 125: Ivy Perez (MEXI) over (WAYN) (For.) 130: Abbigale Drew (MEXI) over Elizabeth Colson (WAYN) (Fall 2:57) 135: Gabriela Hoag (WAYN) over (MEXI) (For.) 141: Kahli McDonald (WAYN) over (MEXI) (For.) 149: Maya Duncan (WAYN) over Luisa Urbina (MEXI) (Fall 0:21) 159: A`Myrah Syyan (WAYN) over Tessa Higgins (MEXI) (Fall 0:34) 174: Marisa Gonzalas (WAYN) over Shelby Shramek (MEXI) (Fall 1:12) 194: Jordan Wilson (WAYN) over Matty Tolbert (MEXI) (Fall 0:25) 235: Yisel Perez (WAYN) over (MEXI) (For.)
Mexico (MEXI) 48.0 Springdale Har-Ber (SHB) 18.0
100: Kaylin Weldon (MEXI) over (SHB) (For.) 105: Double Forfeit 110: Katherine Bowen (MEXI) over Leyla Griffith (SHB) (Fall 1:32) 115: Alizabeth Welch (MEXI) over (SHB) (For.) 120: Kaylynn Pehle (MEXI) over (SHB) (For.) 125: Ivy Perez (MEXI) over (SHB) (For.) 130: Abbigale Drew (MEXI) over Abigail Kelly (SHB) (Fall 1:09) 135: Double Forfeit 141: Double Forfeit 149: Byanca Cook (SHB) over Luisa Urbina (MEXI) (Fall 1:45) 159: Tessa Higgins (MEXI) over Allyssa Morris (SHB) (Fall 3:49) 174: Archer Jones (SHB) over Shelby Shramek (MEXI) (Fall 2:24) 194: Matty Tolbert (MEXI) over Ashley Bueno-Chinchilla (SHB) (Fall 3:11) 235: Stevie Sherman (SHB) over (MEXI) (For.)
Mexico (MEXI) 39.0 Mountain Home (MOHO) 36.0
100: Jasmin Flores (MOHO) over Kaylin Weldon (MEXI) (Fall 1:03) 105: Mackenzi Clark (MOHO) over (MEXI) (For.) 110: Katherine Bowen (MEXI) over (MOHO) (For.) 115: Alizabeth Welch (MEXI) over (MOHO) (For.) 120: Kaylynn Pehle (MEXI) over Chloe Lydon (MOHO) (SV-1 9-7) 125: Abbigale Drew (MEXI) over Carly Drewry (MOHO) (Fall 0:10) 130: Brianna Balsano (MOHO) over Ivy Perez (MEXI) (Fall 1:12) 135: Kylie Alford (MOHO) over (MEXI) (For.) 141: Leigha Gatewood (MOHO) over (MEXI) (For.) 149: Luisa Urbina (MEXI) over (MOHO) (For.) 159: Amelia Frounfelter (MOHO) over Tessa Higgins (MEXI) (Fall 0:13) 174: Shelby Shramek (MEXI) over Katie Lowe (MOHO) (Fall 1:28) 194: Matty Tolbert (MEXI) over (MOHO) (For.) 235: Double Forfeit
Marshfield (MARS) 60.0 Mexico (MEXI) 18.0
100: Bianca Dockery (MARS) over Kaylin Weldon (MEXI) (Fall 5:04) 105: Josselynn Yates (MARS) over (MEXI) (For.) 110: Alizabeth Welch (MEXI) over Isabella Garrity (MARS) (Fall 1:43) 115: Katherine Bowen (MEXI) over Alyxandrea Keifert (MARS) (Fall 1:55) 120: Double Forfeit 125: Alissa Hughey (MARS) over Kaylynn Pehle (MEXI) (Fall 3:28) 130: Abbigale Drew (MEXI) over Carley Cardoza (MARS) (Fall 2:31) 135: Emily Croy (MARS) over (MEXI) (For.) 141: Camryn Elliott (MARS) over (MEXI) (For.) 149: Isabella Whitlock (MARS) over Luisa Urbina (MEXI) (Fall 1:33) 159: Trinity Lesser (MARS) over Tessa Higgins (MEXI) (Fall 0:44) 174: Kiana Massie (MARS) over Shelby Shramek (MEXI) (Fall 0:37) 194: Megan Petty (MARS) over Matty Tolbert (MEXI) (Fall 5:05) 235: Coleigh Page (MARS) over (MEXI) (For.)
Mexico (MEXI) 36.0 Jefferson City (JECI) 24.0
115: Katherine Bowen (MEXI) over (JECI) (For.) 120: Kaylynn Pehle (MEXI) over (JECI) (For.) 125: Alexis Dunwiddie (JECI) over Abbigale Drew (MEXI) (Fall 1:45) 130: Lydia Hudson (JECI) over Ivy Perez (MEXI) (Fall 0:29) 135: Double Forfeit 141: Double Forfeit 149: Luisa Urbina (MEXI) over (JECI) (For.) 159: Ayosoreoluwa Ilesanmi (JECI) over Tessa Higgins (MEXI) (Fall 0:09) 174: Shelby Shramek (MEXI) over DejaNette Wallace (JECI) (Fall 4:00) 194: Kenzie Moore (JECI) over Matty Tolbert (MEXI) (Fall 2:24) 235: Double Forfeit 100: Kaylin Weldon (MEXI) over (JECI) (For.) 105: Double Forfeit 110: Alizabeth Welch (MEXI) over (JECI) (For.)