Callaway County Public Library Receives Historical Gift

The Daniel Boone Regional Library Foundation and the Callaway County Public Library have received the largest single gift in the history of the foundation.

The gift comes from the estate of 88 year old Helen Janet Forsee, a regular patron of the library in Fulton. Forsee died in August at a Fulton nursing home.

In a phone conversation this afternoon with the Daniel Boone Regional Library Foundation’s Executive Director Margaret Conroy; she revealed that the exact amount of the gift is one million, fifty nine thousand, one hundred thirty nine dollars and seventy nine cents.

Conroy stated that she did not know that the foundation was in Forsee’s will and she found out from a phone call from Forsee’s estate attorney. Conroy said she was, “delighted and excited,” when she received the phone call. Conroy went on to say that, “She was so happy that she thought of us and put her trust in us.” 

Conroy said there are no immediate plans for how the funds will be used on specific projects and that the library board will invest and grow the money initially, with plans to pull it when they need it.





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