Comerzan Trial In The Hands Of the Jury

Closing arguments have wrapped up and the jury has entered deliberations in the case of Serghei Comerzan.

Comerzan is charged with 1st degree involuntary manslaughter and resisting a lawful stop by fleeing in relation to the death of Missouri State Trooper James Bava on Route FF in Audrain County in 2015.

Assistant prosecutor Scott Fox opened by saying Comerzan recklessly caused the death of Bava by fleeing.

Fox went through the key points of the trial, highlighting testimony from Calvin McGraw that Comerzan had passed him at a high rate of speed after he had been stopped by Trooper Bava moments before

He continued by saying you have to get into the mind of the defendant in this case, and referred to Route FF and Highway Z as his “personal race track.”

Defense attorney Charlie James reminded the jury to reach a guilty verdict Comerzan had to be aware his conduct was practically certain to cause death.

James said “in order to flee you have to know you’re being chased.”

He continued by saying the State created and controlled the evidence in the case, and much of it was made on assumptions, such as how long it took Bava to turn around.

Deliberations began at 11:32.





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